Giraffe Carestation Incubator Cover


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The Giraffe Incubator Carestation Cover provides a positive neonatal environment that promotes peaceful healing. Use the Giraffe Incubator Carestation Cover and allow premature babies to get used to light and sound stimuli .



The Giraffe Carestation Incubator Cover has been specially developed to get premature babies used to light and sound stimuli. Use the Giraffe Carestation Incubator Cover and create a safe environment and give parents and medical staff quick access to the child.

Extra information

  • The Giraffe Carestation Cover provides premature babies with a dark, protective environment.
  • The Carestation Incubator Cover is made of a breathable multi-protective fabric consisting of a polyester-cotton blend.
  • The cover is washable up to 90°C and suitable for tumble drying. The covers must not be ironed.
  • Available with an opening for phototherapy lamp to prevent diffused light
  • The isolette itself does not heat up, even with the cover.
  • The cover blocks light and allows an accurate control of skin color and perfusion.
  • The GE Healthcare Incubator Cover is fully adjustable, provides excellent visual accessibility for the neonate and simulates day/night patterns.

Colors fabric

 Colors fabric

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Double Layered Incubator Cover, Single Layered Incubator Cover


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