World’s smallest diapers

For our newest and premature diaper, we wanted to meet the very unique needs of premature babies and the nurses who care for them. The result is a diaper suitable for premature babies weighing as little as one pound. The premature diapers are designed to provide comfort and protection without getting in the way of medical care. The diapers come in sizes -3, -2, and -1, so there is a right fit for every premature baby. Other benefits include a contour fit core that adjusts to the hip width of the premature baby, all-over fastening, and all-over absorbency to prevent leaks and keep the baby nice and dry. The preemie diapers are also specially designed to protect the umbilical cord notch and to be gentle on the baby’s delicate tummy.

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Choosing the right NICU diaper

Premature babies need special care and attention to grow strong and healthy. Little Hero diapers are specially designed for gentle skin protection. With features like the DryTouch liner that absorbs moisture on contact, the diaper help keep your patients delicate skin clean and healthy. Little Hero’s disposable diapers come in sizes sizes -3, -2, and -1, so there is a right fit for every premature baby.

– Little Hero diapers are designed for gentle skin protection to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy
– DryTouch liner absorbs moisture on contact to help keep baby dry, and pocketed-back waistband helps stop back leaks
– Wetness indicator changes color when it’s time for a change
– Umbilical cord cutout protects baby’s belly button while it heals
– Premium softness and breathability helps keep your baby comfortable
– Leak Lock system provides up to 12 hours of protection

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