Transport Incubator Cover for Dräger TI500


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Our Transport Incubator Cover for the Dräger TI500 is designed to transport infants with a minimum of stress. Proven design to use in hospital, by ambulance and by air. Special attention is given to make sure that our Transport Incubator Cover for the Dräger TI500 is relatively light which helps in movement.



There are situations when a neonate has to be transferred via air or road from one hopital to other. Under this circumstance, the most challenging part of critical care is to transfer the baby without exposing them to the external stimuli.  This is achieved by using our Transport Incubator Cover for the Dräger TI500 which creates a small and safe environment with optimal protection. Openings of the cover are provided so that medical staff can access the baby whenever required and separate openings are provided to insert oxygen tube etc. The major difference from a normal incubator cover is the close fit, which makes the incubator cover work when the Dräger TI500 Transport Incubator is moved.

Colors fabric

 Colors fabric

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Double Layered Incubator Cover, Single Layered Incubator Cover


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