Incubator covers

Designed with the premature baby development in mind, Little Hero’s Incubator Cover provides a cocoon-like environment in NICU or during transport. By using muti-protective technology Little Hero NICU product will provide an extremely low sound level inside the incubator. This way you are aware of the baby’s exposure to potentially harmful stimuli and you can react to reduce these stressors. The friendly design of all our neonatal care products and easy excess allows parents to comfortably get closer to the baby and make them feel at home. If you choose Little Hero’s Incubator Cover, you’re giving your little patients in NICU the best possible care.

neonatal baby loss

Neonatal Baby Loss Products

Baby Loss is one of the most devastating events a family can experience. Little Hero specializes in designing soft neonatal baby loss products, especially for NICU’s who want to guide families during the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. Unlike a wood coffin, these soft NICU products can be easily held and cradled, while having enough firm structure to be held safely. Our neonatal baby loss products help parents to develop an early and intimate bond with the baby.

Kangaroo Care Chair

The Kangaroo chair is designed to support Kangaroo care. The Kangaroo Chair was designed to support Kangaroo care, and to improve the NICU experience for parents and Newborns. The Kangaroo is all about comfort, support and safety. Its wide back supports mother and the baby as they turn from side to side. The chair locks in all of its reclined positions so there is no sudden movement that would be startling and potentially dangerous. The Kangaroo chair is central to the first tender moments for the whole family: rocking the baby to sleep, the first touch and the first cuddles. It is also a comfortable sleeper for dad or other family members.

Premature clothing

Little Hero’s vision is to create beautiful, soft and functional premature babyclothes to meet the needs of baby in hospital, from NICU to going home. We are focused on providing the best premature baby clothes for all different ages and sizes of premature babies. Our garments offer the neonate comfort, warmth, and the functionality that their caregivers need.

Premature Diapers

To offer a full line of neonatal care products, we welcome this new range of premature diapers. Designed with the input of a team of NICU nurses, the premature diapers are suitable for premature babies weighing as little as one pound. The diapers come in sizes -3, -2, and -1, so there is a right fit for every premature baby. Other benefits include a contour fit core that adjusts to the hip width of the premature baby, all-over fastening, and all-over absorbency to prevent leaks and keep the baby nice and dry. The preemie diapers are also specially designed to protect the umbilical cord notch and to be gentle on the baby’s delicate tummy.

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