Our incubator covers are available for all neonatal and transport incubators:

Dräger Isolette, Airshield C2000, Dräger 8000IC, Dräger Caleo, Dräger BabyLeo, Giraffe Omnibed, Giraffe Incubator, Atom Dual Incu I, Atom Incu I, Atom V2100, Weyer Vita, Ardo Amelie Star, Dräger TI500, Atom V-808.

Optimal Protection. Better Growth.

Little Hero’s Incubator Covers have been specially developed to get premature babies used to light and sound stimuli. The minimal amount of flaps and the excellent washability (60-90 degrees) make the incubator covers ideal for any neonatology and transport. The special multi-protective fabric provides an optimal micro-environment that protects your little patient, while making your transport easier with quick access.

The cover protects the neonate from bright light and helps implement a day and night rhythm. The unique phototherapy flap enables the use of phototherapy without disturbing parents, caregivers and other patients in the room. The friendly rounded shapes plus the colorful textiles used, transform an incubator into a cozy space and minimizes the disturbances coming from the surrounding equipment. This also comforts the parents, giving their child the best temporary “home” possible.

Safe Medical Transport.

Inter- and intra-hospital transport of young patients is an integral component of the neonatal care process. Yet, it presents several challenges that could potentially put the baby at risk. At Little Hero we developed the Transport Cover that address clinical and practical needs while keeping the little patient in focus. Our transport incubator cover focuses on ensuring a stable micro-environment with the ideal mix of light and sound to prevent stress for the baby. Adding high-performance ventilation and easy excess makes it a fully featured transport solution.

  • Safe Inter- and intra-hospital transport
  • Protects against thermal change and vibrations
  • Fast and easy access to the baby
  • Clear view to the infant
  • Cable management and storage safely consolidates all cables
  • Moves seamlessly from vehicle to vehicle – by helicopter, airplane or ambulance
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