The numbers are overwhelming….

Each year over one million babies die of hypothermia around the world. Forced into shelters, the lack of electric incubators and extreme conditions due to disaster, emergencies and war are the main causes. Even greater the tragedy is that many of these deaths are preventable. THE RESCUE WARMER is a easy to use, reusable and non-electric solution to keep babies safely warm within minutes. Simply activate the XL Warmpack for instant 18+hours of warmth. The Rescue Warmer can be used anytime & anywhere and acts as a crucial lifeline for every baby in need.

Meet The Rescue Warmer

Designed and tested under the supervision of neonatologists the portable Rescue Warmer is a safe, non-electric and reusable device for treating and preventing infant hypothermia. The kit consists of a sleeping bag, which has been specially designed to safely accommodate an infant and a EU-patented heat source pack which can be placed in a separate pouch compartment. Together they provide instant 18+ hours of warmth to assist in maintaining an infant’s body temperature. The Rescue Warmer is easy to use during hospital-, emergency and disaster transport and to provide warmth in the case of power outage or incubator shortage. 

How to design a Life-Saving Product

When we started developing a low-cost incubator, our vision was clear. Our incubator should work without any electricity, was mobile and low coast.  The first prototype of the Rescue Warmer met all our criteria. The test results of our pilot programs in Indonesia were overwhelmingly positive. Encouraged by this outcome, we shifted our focus to the manufacturing process. So fortunate to discover an exceptional Dutch company that collaborates with skilled refugees from the local community. Their deep understanding of the obstacles faced by people in need added a deeper purpose to this project. At the moment we are partnering with aid organizations and reach the local areas where the Rescue Warmers are most needed. 

How can  the Rescue Warmer make a difference?

At the moment we are working on a strategy for actually getting the warmers into the hands of the doctors in the field. By partnering with aid organizations, we hope to overcome logistical barriers and reach the local areas where the Rescue Warmers are needed te most. With your help, we can save lives and offer a brighter future to infants in need.