Little Hero’s focus on neonatal care

At Little Hero we are passionate about optimizing neonatal care for premature babies and helping caregivers provide the best possible care. All our neonatal care products are easy-to-use and developed with a team of clinical advisors and NICU specialists. Little Hero actively search for product ideas that can streamline or provide the healthcare worker on the NICU efficiency so they have more time to spend with the neonate and family.

We listen. No idea or need is too small. We hope you will bring us your needs to create easy to use neonatal products, a safer environment and better outcomes for all premature and sick babies.

Riding the NICU Roller coaster

The history of Little Hero goes back to 2013, following the birth of founder Cathelijne’s premature triplets. The experience of having micro-preemies in the NICU was lifechanging and after 12 months intense clinical research & development Little Hero was born.

Improving critical care is what drives us and we fully understand that “little” doesn’t mean less important. Our team has spent the last eight years distributing our neonatal care products around the world. At this point we have helped over 100,000 babies and in the process even received the Dutch Innovation Award for our work. We are honored and continue to work with care providers, scientists and governments to deliver the right products to help protect, support and save lives.

Design Costum-fit solutions

At Little Hero, we are focused on developing solutions to help you improve the care of premature babies around the globe. In addition to our own neonatal care line we welcome private labeling for your own exclusive Neonatal line. We love to assist you with product development and we’re easy to work with. With our custom made products and fabrics it is easy to get a tailored look, perfect for your NICU.

Flexibility is what makes Little Hero unique among other manufacturers. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, submit your contact information to get started.

World Prematurity Day

Giving has been integrated in Little Hero’s culture from the start. In our first years we donated over hundreds of premature giftboxes during World Prematurity Day on 17 November to NICU ‘s all around the world. We hope to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth globally. The giftboxes were a fairly small gesture on our part, but for the parents who received them we were truly making a difference.

Annually we donate a number of products to foundations and hospitals during World Prematurity Day who support premature babies around the world. If you would like to make a request for a donation or discount please contact the office for consideration!


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