Manuel Incubator Cover

Thank you for buying the Little Hero Incubator Cover. This manual contains all the information you need to learn how to use this neonatal product. As a company dedicated to improving the health & well-being of babies, safety and quality are our first priority. Every Little Hero Incubator Cover has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We’ve been working with a specialized hospitals since we began designing our products to assure they meet and exceed all relevant industry standard for durability and safety.

This manual contains all the information you need to learn how to use this product. Please read through this information carefully before working with the product. This information is aimed at healthcare professionals. Familiarise yourself with using the Incubator Cover with parents/carers. Please read and understand this manual in full before using the product. These user instructions explain how to use the Incubator Cover safely in the hospital setting.

Studies show that premature babies are better able to get rest using an incubator cover, helping them grow better. What’s more, restricting light and sound has a positive effect on respiration, quality of sleep and emotional rest. The Incubator Cover is a complete package that is designed to contribute to the support of premature babies and babies with a low birth weight. Little Hero’s Incubator Cover was developed in collaboration with NIDCAP-trained specialists and follows the latest insights relating to Developmental Care. This is the original manual. Please store it safely!

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1. Introduction

1.1 Intended and unintended use

The Little Hero Incubator Cover is designed to support premature babies or babies with a low birth weight. The Little Hero Incubator Cover may only be used in a monitored setting and under constant medical supervision in the neonatology department. Any other use than that described above in this manual is considered incorrect use.

1.2 Limitation of liability

If the product is used in a manner not in compliance with its intended use, the liability (whether arising out of or related to manufacture and sale of the goods, their demonstration, sales representation, use, performance, or otherwise, including any liability based upon Little Hero‘s product warranty) for the proper function of the product is permanently transferred to the owner or user.

Little Hero cannot be held responsible for damage caused by • non-compliance with the recommendations stated in this manual; • incorrect, wrong or inadvisable use. Users of the Little Incubator Cover are responsible for ensuring the patient’s condition is monitored appropriately. This could include electronic monitoring of the patient and visual observation. It is the user’s sole responsibility for selecting the right level of monitoring.

2. Preventive measures and safety instructions

Please read and understand these instructions fully before each use.

  • The Little Incubator Cover may only be used as described in section 1.1 Intended and unintended use.
  • The Little Incubator Cover may only be used in a monitored setting and under constant medical supervision in the neonatology department by qualified medical personnel who are aware of the currently known risks and benefits of using the product.
  • Check the baby’s temperature regularly while it is lying under The Little Incubator Cover
  • Using The Little Incubator Cover can influence a baby’s temperature. Children with a tendency to overheat require extra careful monitoring, preferably using a temperature sensor on the skin.
  • Never pierce The Little Incubator Cover with needles or other sharp objects. This could damage the inner roll, causing the filling to come into contact with the baby.
  • To prevent infections, the applicable hygiene rules must be followed strictly. This means at the very least that all parts are cleaned and carefully dried before use and that a clean cover is used every day.
  • Based on the hospital protocol, remove The Little Incubator Cover gradually as the baby nears its discharge date. It is important that both the parents and the child itself get used to normal light, as these should not be used in the domestic setting .
  • Never use The Little Incubator Cover if they are damaged or permanently stained.

3. Product specifications

3.1 Classification

The Little Incubator Cover is not a medical aid as it is only used to provide greater comfort for the baby. This product is not intended for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes as referred to in Article 1. sub 2 of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

The Little Incubator Cover is a separate machine-washable cover. The underside is made of anti-slip material. This ensures that tThe Little Incubator Cover does not slip, even when the bed is in an inclined position.

4. Use

4.1 Preparation

  • Carefully clean and dry The Little Incubator Cover before each use in line with the instructions in Section 5.
  • Check the baby’s temperature before placing it in the incubator to stay alert to temperature fluctuations.
  • Explain the use and purpose of the The Little Incubator Cover to the parents.
  • Check if The Little Incubator Cover is intact, free of holes, tears, loose threads and permanent stains.
  • Before positioning the cover on top of the incubator, check the labels to ensure that the cover and incubator match.
  • Position The Little Incubator Cover on top of the appropriate incubator and then pull down gently the cover for optimal protection

5. Washing instructions

The Little Incubator Cover is made of a technically advanced fabric that is made of a polyester-cotton mix. It is advisable to clean the covers every day or more often if they are visibly dirty. The covers can be cleaned according to hospital protocol and can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees. Washing at 90 degrees is also possible, but that will shorten the lifespan of these covers. After washing The Little Incubator Cover, dry them in a spin drier selecting the longest drying programme – extra dry or very dry. This prevents the filling inadvertently remaining moist, which can lead to potential hygiene problems. Always consult the hospital’s hygiene department before cleaning the inner rolls/bags in the washing machine and drying them in a spin drier.

6. Maintenance

Check The Little Incubator Cover regularly for any loose seams, holes, tears, loose threads and permanent stains. Do not use the product in such cases.

7. Warranty

Little Hero offers a limited 6-month warranty on production and material errors, under the condition that the product is used normally. The warranty does not cover any damage arising from abnormal use, incorrect handling, cleaning or neglect.